We’re excited to kick-off our Spring season RockStar Band Program at Perfect Harmony. Being a part of a musical ensemble at school can be fun. But being part of a band is even more fun, and is something everyone should have the chance to take part in. The lights on stage, the thunderous applause of the crowd, the soaring vocals and guitar solos, the melodies flowing from the piano, the pounding of the drums, and so on. It’s quite the experience to be a part of! 

 We’ll be putting together groups based on the number of interested students, but our typical pairings would include drums, bass, guitar, piano/keyboards, violin, ukulele, and voice students. The exact number of members per band will depend on the number of students involved and skill level. We will help the students learn how to write a set list, understanding stage presence, learning individual parts of the songs, how to play those parts as a group, naming and marketing the band(s), and preparing for their next gig at a local venue in June. Songs list are student chosen from bands such as Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Survivor, Adele, Soundgarden, The Pixies, and many, many, more!

Our band program will consist of a 90-minute weekly rehearsal at our soundstage on Saturday’s. We will provide the PA, mics, stands, cables, drums, keyboards, and the material needed for learning the songs, i.e., charts, videos, mp3’s, etc. The students will just need to bring their instrument and a strong desire to do some rocking! 

Our band program will be $125 a month in addition to regular lesson tuition. Scholarships available for students in financial need.